Ed King

Ed King is a Melbourne based artist. His work starts from observational drawings, collected over many years in sketchbooks and visual diaries. These are then used as a source of images, to be enlarged and combined into finished works on paper. The process is similar to how pre-digital photographers processed and enlarged negatives in the darkroom. It has also some affinities to print making, in that he can make many versions of the same image.


He is interested in how we experience the world around us from moment to moment and his art process reflects this. It is a way of looking at, becoming a part of, and sometimes making sense of the world.


His works are usually made in series form. The pieces shown here are selected from series resulting from drawings made whilst travelling in Europe last year: in Venice, London, and Yorkshire.


Ed holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. (UK) and an MA in Experiential and Creative Arts Practice (Melbourne), and has spent many years working as designer and maker on theatre and film sets; plus, building and running site specific, environmental and walking art productions, principally with three arts companies: Seven Sisters Group (London), NVA (Glasgow), Dance Theatre Etcetera – DTE, New York.


He also run children's weekly art/creativity workshops for Concern Australia as well as working as a carpenter/maker/repairer. Another activity which Ed engages in is restorative walks; founding and running Walk + Talk + Create he offers companioned creative walking for individuals or groups.


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PH: 03 9817 5170

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