Art Scholarship

On A Bike Art Scholarship is a 12 month International Art Program where we offer 4 places per year, rotating at different times throughout the year. We are excited to announce we have 2 and soon to be 3 scholars in our program from Australia, America and Germany who all have amazing talent and a great passion for art. 


This scholarship is designed to enhance the artistic abilities of the scholars and give them the tools to progress in their art form. The scholars will have resources and materials available to them as well as the opportunity to work under the mentorship of one of our featured artists.


Our Scholars will be learning styles in Realism and Impressionism and will produce an art piece directed by their mentor each month which will be showcased here at The Beth McDonnell Gallery.


General enquiries

PH: 03 9817 5170


PH: 03 9817 5170

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